Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Golden Ticket: You’re Underestimating the Importance of Your Resume

 I want to let you in on a little secret. Your resume? That piece of paper you’ve been carrying around with you (on a file on your computer, of course) since college, only updating it every once in a blue moon? It’s your ticket into the job of your dreams. And you’re wasting all its power each and every time you submit it as is.
Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I look at resumes each and every day, and it is rare that one comes across my desk in the pristine condition it should be in for a job search. Far too many job seekers are out there with mediocre resumes, thinking that their experience or qualifications are enough to get them in the door. But more often than not, that’s a gamble you simply shouldn’t be taking. And here’s why:
  • You Get 6 Seconds: That’s right. The latest research has hiring managers looking at resumes for a grand total of 6 seconds before they make a pass or interview decision. So your 4-page resume? It’s burying the lead and keeping hiring managers from seeing the reasons they should bring you in.
  • Presentation Counts: If you were to think of your resume as a first impression, on par with the importance of how you dress for that first interview; is the one you’re currently handing out representative of that first impression you want to make? Is it formatted in a professional manner? Is the most important information presented where a hiring manager is most likely to look? Has it been organized in a way that not only takes into consideration the limited timeframe of attention it may receive, but also the fact that whether we like it or not—visual appeal matters? My guess is, probably not. Most likely, you have a pretty standard resume (or even a completely messy one) that was good enough to land you your first job, so you’ve just assumed it’s good enough for every job after. Wrong. Presentation counts, and that first impression is everything.  
  • You Don’t Cut Your Own Hair; You Shouldn’t Craft Your Own Resume: Okay, so maybe you do cut your own hair—or just take a razor to it and call it a day. But even if you do, you do so because it’s easy or convenient, and you just don’t care all that much about the end result. That is not how you should feel about the creation of your resume. The simple fact is, the vast majority of people don’t know how to craft a truly stellar resume—and that’s fine! It’s a skill, and one that takes time to refine. Which is why you should, at the very least, be getting a professional eye on your resume to objectively review your final product before you send it out into the world. It may turn out you just need to make a few tweaks, or it’s possible you might benefit from hiring a recommended resume writer—either way, that second set of eyes can clue you into the mistakes you may not be able to see for yourself. 


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