Thursday, March 10, 2016

Turning Likes into Hires: Using Social Media to Your Advantage

In 2015, Career Builder released a report about the candidate-centered nature recruitment has taken on in recent years. According to the report, three quarters of employed workers today are either actively seeking new opportunities, or are open to the possibility of new opportunities, should the right one come along. That means two things for today’s hiring managers:
  1. A heavy focus on retaining your current talent is crucial to your businesses survival. If you don’t keep them engaged, the likelihood is high that they will be looking elsewhere.
  2. Recruiting top talent from other firms is more possible now than ever before, provided you know what you’re doing.
In both of these realms, social media can play a vital role.
  • Create a Reputation: The same Career Builder report declared that candidates are more selective about where they apply today than ever before, and that employers must “have a strong online presence in order to get noticed.” It’s no longer enough to passively use your social media networks. You need to be consistently putting out content that speaks to your desired corporate culture and that resonates with job seekers and the general public alike. Perhaps even more importantly, all of this needs to come across organically—one of the worst mistakes you can make is using your social media platforms in a sales-pitchy way. But the greater the online presence you can build, the more likely top talent is to come knocking down your door.
  • Engage Your Current Staff: Part of creating a stellar online reputation is encouraging your current staff to engage in what you are doing online. Provide incentives for “liking” and “following” your corporate pages, while also supplying employees with basic guidelines for how to interact with your corporate pages online. Not only can you build up company loyalty in this way (employees who feel listened to and valued are more likely to stick around) but you can also signal your employee’s networks to what your company is up to. Every time your employees like or comment on topics you’ve posted, their network of peers sees that—and is more likely to start engaging as well.
  • When in Doubt, Hire Out: Successfully building an enviable online reputation is truly an art form, and in many cases, it can be a full time job. If you don’t have a qualified PR team on staff to manage your online accounts, consider hiring out to a firm that regularly provides these services. Social media accounts are the preferred advertising method of our current times, serving as a mechanism for sharing what your company is doing, the type of talent you’re looking for, and the openings you have on the horizon. How you manage those mediums can absolutely make or break company as a whole.

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