Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year's Resolution: Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence (Before a Job Search)

Even 10 years ago, social media was still a burgeoning development. Teenagers and techies had embraced it, but having an online profile was nowhere near as mainstream as it has become today.
Now, you can expect that most people you meet have some sort of online presence. Unfortunately, what you can’t always expect is that they all use that online presence responsibly.
The problem? Plenty of companies now look into your social media habits before extending a job offer. Which means how you represent yourself online matters. I’m not just talking about avoiding inappropriate photos or status updates about excessive partying. Really, anything from aggressive political rants to horrendous online grammar could, potentially, keep you from landing the job of your dreams. If a hiring manager decides to look you up online, everything you have posted there could serve to shape their opinion of who you are as a person and how you might interact within their corporate culture.
So if you’re on the verge of looking for a new career, it’s high time you clean your social media presence up.
  • Hide: The first line of defense is ensuring your privacy settings are as locked down as possible. Most social media accounts automatically default to public settings, meaning that anyone who looks at your profile can view everything you have ever posted. Instead, you want your online presence to be linked only to your closest friends. Visit the settings tab on each of your pages and tighten up your privacy. Keep your online life visible only to those friends you would happily invite over to dinner.
  • Delete: Even with the strictest of privacy settings, there is often still plenty of information for hiring managers to glean from your online accounts. And you never know how one inappropriate post from over a year ago could come back to bite you. So spend some time perusing your profiles and deleting anything that seems ill advised to have posted online in retrospect.
  • Plan Ahead: Keep in mind, plenty of people have had to deal with the ramifications of photos and status updates resurfacing even years down the line. Anything you ever post has the potential to come back to bite you. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into hiding and deleting – hiring managers will still manage to get their hands on something you wouldn’t ever want them to see. Which is why preventative maintenance is key. Starting now, think long and hard about everything you post online. What seems funny today, could be life altering tomorrow.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top 5 Memorable Recruiting Moments of 2015

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love my job. I love connecting people and career openings; I love finding the fit that no hiring manager thought could be found; and I love being a product of progress in this exciting industry we are all so lucky to be a part of. But most of all, I love my job because of the people I work with.

Still, what is love if you can’t poke a little fun at the moments that leave you slack-jawed or laughing at your circumstances? And I certainly had a few of those this year. Moments that I decided I should share with you, both so that you cold laugh with me, and learn along the way!

So, without further ado, I would like to present my Top 5 Recruiting moments of 2015:

            Number 5: Multi-Person, Multi-National Interviews
What if I told you I had been involved in setting up interviews that connected 7 people in 5 countries and 6 different time zones? More than once. And I'm not too cool to admit that there was something kind of exhilarating about that! The communication capabilities of our world today never cease to amaze me! And let this serve as the reminder that sometimes you have to cast a wider net to find the right fit for your opening—don’t worry, I know how to make that happen!

            Number 4: The Meaning of Commitment
I spoke on the phone at length to one engineer who I later learned had allowed the ice cream he was eating before we spoke to melt while we talked, purely because he didn’t want me to hear he him slurping. For the record, with me? Slurp away! But when I connect you with hiring managers—let that ice cream melt!

            Number 3: Don’t Hire and Drive
One hiring manager I spoke to this year nearly hit a cow on a country road while discussing an open position with me. I am a girl who is a fan of multi-tasking, but be safe, my friends! And let’s preserve bovine life for burgers and steaks!

            Number 2: Less is Sometimes More
Many of you have received a lecture from me about refining your resume, but none so intense as the gentleman who sent me a 27-pager. I was both impressed (the level of effort creating that document must have taken!) and horrified (no hiring manager is ever going to read something that large!). We do resumes here at Unmannedpower—if you fear yours might be bordering on too long (really, anything over two pages is too long), let us help!

            And the Number 1 Most Memorable Moment (drum roll please):
            The Obvious
Helping great people find their dream jobs is, and always will be, my most memorable aspect of doing what I do. My favorite thing ever? Receiving e-mails weeks, months, and years down the line from job seekers who are still in love with the companies I have helped to place them in.

I’m telling you, I love what I do!

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