Thursday, November 19, 2015

Top Three Occasions When a Recruiter Can Help

Let’s face it: filling open positions is a time consuming, and sometimes expensive, task for companies to take on. That’s why turnover is such a widely discussed concept – because keeping your own turnover down can improve productivity and the bottom line.
But every company has roles to fill at some time or another. New positions are created, employees move on, and some retire – it is inevitable that there will always be at least some level of turnover. And for a lot of positions, that may not be the end of the world – it’s possible you have the perfect applicant sending you a resume on the first day the job is open.
What about when that isn’t the case, though? Here are the times when it might be best to consider joining up with a recruiter to fill your open spots.
·         Hard to Fill Positions: If you need to hire a new secretary, chances are that you can post to a few local job boards and easily get 20 resumes from qualified applicants. But what about when your CEO is preparing to retire? Filling a high-responsibility job (or any position that requires an extensive amount of education, for instance) can be a much more cumbersome task because there simply aren’t as many qualified applicants to choose from. Which is where a recruiter comes in. A quality recruiter knows where to look for the right applicants, and likely already has leads on those who might be the perfect fit. They can help remove some of the guesswork for you, and put you face to face with the right applicant for the job.  
·         Out of State Candidates: Similarly, there are some roles that just seem to be a beacon for out of state candidates. This happens most often with positions that require a certain level of expertise that only a handful of applicants might meet. Recruiters are skilled at expanding that recruitment net to out of state locals, and know where the most qualified candidates likely already reside – increasing their ability to focus your search to those areas. They can also help with the logistics of arranging out of state interviews and ensuring you don’t waste your time (and money) on applicants who aren’t a solid fit.
·         Short on Time: The truth is, not all supervisors have the time to commit to conducting a quality job search. Posting on job boards, sifting through resumes, conducting initial phone interviews – it all adds up to a lot of time that could probably be better spent focused on actual job tasks. So why not utilize a recruiter who does those things for a living? Sometimes outsourcing is the smartest way to ensure your resources are best utilized.
One of the biggest arguments against hiring a recruiter is often the expense involved, but the truth is – a good recruiter can actually save you money by minimizing the amount of time a job is open. Getting qualified, loyal employees into those positions faster, and having a professional on hand to do most of the vetting for you, means increased productivity and time for your hiring managers to stay focused on the task of actually doing business.

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