Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fantasy Draft Pick: A Guide to Scoring the Top Talent You Need

We all know that succeeding in the robotics and unmanned industry is only possible with top talent on your side. We also know acquiring that top talent is no easy feat. There aren’t enough quality engineers to do the work that needs to be done, and those that are in the workforce are in high demand. As soon as you find an applicant you hope to bring on board, you’re confronted with the challenge of competing against the multiple offers they’ve already received.
So how do you walk away with the top draft pick, securing a team geared towards success?
Act Fast: Weighing your options and taking your time is no way to win this game of competitive hiring. If you want to stand out, and land that top talent, you have to be willing to act fast. That means having a streamlined hiring process that involves filling openings within two weeks. It means making an offer within 24 hours (48, at most) of the right candidate walking through your door. And it means avoiding things like tiered interviews that can slow the whole process down. If multiple people need to have a say in the final hiring decision, conduct phone interviews to weed the potentials out, and then invite the top 3 applicants in for one interview with all the powers that be. Point is, act fast or you could lose out.
Offer with Intention: It used to be that you could low-ball an offer, knowing the potential candidate would come back with a different number and negotiations would begin. Now, offering low is tantamount to saying you don’t value what this candidate has to offer. If you want to stand out, and to be the organization that top talent strives to work for, you have to offer with intention. That means knowing the average pay scale of every one of your open positions, and being willing to offer on the high end of that scale for the candidates who are likely getting plenty of other offers at the same time. Think of this like bidding at an auction; if you go too low, you’ll be out-bid in the first round.
Prioritize (and Sell) Your Corporate Culture: Of course, it’s not all about money. Candidates care about the atmosphere of where they are going to work as well. Which is why breeding a positive corporate culture, and creating a name for yourself as an organization where people want to work, is important. Value the employees you have now, create opportunities for growth from within, and be open to flexible work arrangements that allow for a better work/life balance. Most importantly, talk to your employees about what would make them happier in their current roles. Because having a happy staff is the best way to build up that reputation as a great place to work.  

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