Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Impatient Job Search: The Sun’ll Come Out… Tomorrow?

For those of you out there who are parents, you know that sometimes the best conversations can be had with your kiddos. Those conversations that make you smile and realize how many little nuances seem to go over our little one’s heads; sometimes making for hilarious, yet insightful, interactions.

I had one of those conversations with my 4 year old recently. We were watching a YouTube clip of the song “Hard Knock Life” from Annie, when he told me, “I want to watch the next song.”
Thinking he must be talking about “The Sun’ll Come Out tomorrow,” I nodded and said, “Tomorrow?” A question in my voice.
He looked at me very seriously and said, “No… not tomorrow. Now.”
Incidentally, “The Sun’ll Come Out” was the song he had been hoping for, he just hadn’t been able to put two and two together when I called it, simply, “Tomorrow.” And actually waiting until tomorrow to watch the song was not an option in his little head.
Often, I find that job seekers feel the same way. They are frustrated and overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of missing important nuances as they relate to the job search. They may overlook a requirement on a posting that they don’t meet, or become a little too aggressive in following up – not wanting to wait until tomorrow for an answer.
The problem becomes, this impatience can actually hinder a job search. Making it important to stave that impatience off and find ways to make the wait until tomorrow (or whenever that coveted offer should come along) a little easier.
  • Actively Filling Your Spare Time: Yes, job searches are stressful. Particularly when you are currently out of work. But that is all the more reason to keep yourself busy in the interim. When you aren’t in the middle of seeking, consider picking up some volunteer work or signing up for continued education classes. Use this time to make connections, boost your resume and turn yourself into an even more valuable candidate.
  • Enlisting the Help of a Recruiter: If you haven’t done so yet, it might be time to see a recruiter about improving your chances. The right recruiter can help you to refine your resume and focus your attention only on those jobs you stand a solid chance of getting an interview for.  
  • Networking: Now is the time to start reaching out to those you have networked with in the past, utilizing those connections to find out what opportunities may be coming up down the line. Let people know you are looking, and put feelers out for positions and organizations you may be interested in working with.

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