Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Three Major Hiring Mistakes You're Already Making

     You've been in this business a long time. You understand the ins and outs and you are perfectly aware of the type of talent you need to be hiring. So why do you keep finding yourself in a perpetual cycle of posting jobs, interviewing and dealing with turnover?
     It might have something to do with the hiring mistakes you didn't even realize you've been making.
        Drawing Out the Hiring Process: Any hiring process that lasts more than five weeks, from the time of your initial posting to the point when an offer is made, is too long. While you're busy making a decision, your top candidates are finding jobs elsewhere. So it's time to focus on streamlining that process, whether that means bringing in a recruiter to help you narrow down your candidate pool, or combining some of the interviews and pre-hire testing that have been required in the past.
        Hiring Based Solely on the Interview: Great interview skills are absolutely impressive, but remember that there are plenty of good salesmen in this (and every) industry who don't have the track record and experience to back up what they are selling. Make hiring decisions based on a proven history of success in this industry and while fulfilling similar roles, not just whether or not the person sitting across from you is someone you would like to play golf with on Fridays.
        Failing to Prioritize (and pay for) Top Talent: I get it. Budgets are tight and paying for top talent isn't always a possibility. But when you are hiring less qualified candidates in order to save a few bucks, you are putting people into positions they likely aren't ready to fill and you are running the risk of needing two or three employees to do the job that one phenomenal employee could have handled alone. Not only does your turnover increase because of burnout and frustration, but your budget is also blown as a result of inefficiency. 

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