Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Top Engineers Should Have an Agent on Their Side

In case you didn’t already know it, skilled and trained engineers in the field of unmanned robotics are a rare commodity these days. These workers are so highly coveted that companies commit a large portion of their recruitment budgets to seeking out the top talent and vying to bring those employees on board.
Because of this, if you fall into that category of engineers who have specialized in unmanned robotics, you are in a prime position to put your experience to work for you in the quest for your dream job. But that isn’t always an easy task to take on alone. Sometimes, having a recruiter on your side can make all the difference.
·         Insider Information: Recruiters have taken networking to the next level. They know who is on the verge of hiring, typically before those public postings are ever made. So if you are working with a recruiter, they already have their finger on the pulse of what is coming up and can keep an eye on the opportunities for you, often long before you would have known about those same opportunities on your own.
·         Focused Job Search: When working with a recruiter, you can lay out exactly what you are looking for in the perfect job. You can discuss corporate culture, leave policies and even the ability to grow within a company. By assessing not only your skills but also your personality and goals for the future, a recruiter can help to match you up with the best organization for what you hope to accomplish.
·         Skilled Negotiations: In many ways, a good recruiter can act on your behalf as an agent when it comes to negotiations. They know and understand what your value is and also what various companies are able to offer. This helps to ensure the best job offer for you, while having the added benefit of providing the best fit in talent  for the organization. 

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