Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Taking Advantage of Fall

        With October right around the corner, fall is kicking up in full gear and now is the time for hiring managers and job seekers alike to start looking for the perfect fit. Come November, hiring will slow down everywhere and applicants will be scarce. This is a phenomenon experienced in nearly every industry, which means that if you have hiring needs on the horizon or if you have been miserable in your current job - you want to get the word out today. Otherwise, you may find yourselves stuck with what you've got until the New Year.
What is it about fall that makes it a prime time for hiring and job seeking? Well, it isn't so much about what fall has to offer, as what winter is lacking:
        Employees are Holding On: Towards the end of the year, even the most disgruntled of employees will typically choose to stick around at their current job in the hopes of receiving a holiday bonus. This just isn't the time of year job seekers are actively looking. Which means that if hiring managers have a posting they have to fill come November, they may find themselves faced with a pile of only mediocre applicants to consider.
        Budgetary Constraints are Holding Companies Back: Similarly, by November and December, most companies find themselves in the position of needing to pull back a bit in order to meet their annual budgets. As a result, new positions are put off until at least the start of January, when those budgets roll over and reset. For companies relying on government contract work, as many of those within the unmanned industry are, it can be even later than that - as they may not know what their budgets will be until fiscal budgets are finalized between January and March. Luckily, companies don't have to worry much about filling current positions during this time period because of the point made above - there is no mass exodus of employees this time of year. Everyone is just in a holding pattern, waiting these final months out together.
        There are Holidays to Enjoy: Let's face it; productivity tends to go down everywhere during the holidays. There are company parties, gift exchanges, family affairs to travel for and plenty of distractions from the day-to-day work. Hiring is low on the priority list for everyone. After all, who wants that extra paperwork to deal with right before Thanksgiving?

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