Monday, July 21, 2014

Attracting Top Engineers

As the unmanned robotics industry grows, one area where we are still lacking is in the availability of quality, trained engineers who understand this industry and have the skillset to take companies to the next level. The technology is still just so new that the number of engineers experienced in this field hasn't yet caught up with the demand.

Because of that, attracting those top unmanned robotics engineers comes with fierce competition. But if you want to come out ahead in this industry, you need the best of the best working as part of your team.

Cultivate an Enviable Corporate Culture: When it comes to both recruiting and retention efforts, the best card you have in your pocket is building a corporate culture people want to be a part of. This means treating your employees well and rewarding innovative thinking. Focus on providing employee benefits that may not be available elsewhere, such as on-site childcare or other services your employees express an interest in. Even more importantly, encourage your employees to think outside the box and give your engineers opportunities for growth.

Pay for Top Talent: Let's face facts - money talks.The top engineers today know their value, and if you want to attract and keep them, you have to be willing to pay them what they are worth. Otherwise, you can be sure that some other firm will. The problem comes with justifying those higher rates when we don't yet know when the regulations will change so that unmanned robotics can truly flourish as an industry. When making those budgetary decisions, though, remember that you get what you pay for. Two high quality engineers may very well be more valuable than five mediocre ones.

Utilize Employee Contacts: The engineers you already have on staff are likely your best resources for the contacts you want to be making. They are already out there networking with other engineers in the field, often having attended school and joining similar organizations with many of them. Not only that, but they are your best advertisements for the corporate culture you have worked so hard to build. Offer employee incentives for referrals and give those employee recommendations the attention they deserve.

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