Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where Do I Go for Unmanned Training?

Job seekers interested in getting into the unmanned systems industry often ask me what they should do from an education perspective to be competitive.  This question was recently raised in an industry group on LinkedIn.  There were several answers including colleges that have added an unmanned emphasis (or full program) to their aviation/aeronautics degrees, private schools offering unmanned degrees, and vocational options. 

The following answer was provided by Mr. Ted Beneigh, Professor of Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle University.  I appreciate Mr. Beneigh's suggestion that unmanned is not "one size fits all" and encompasses multiple disciplines and specialties.  In other words, to get where you want to go, you first have to determine your destination.

"There are several aspects of UVS education. Engineering, operations, and maintenance are a few. Robotics covers a significant portion of non-UAS training. First, a student needs to identify which  specific area of UVS education he/she desires. Next, the student should try to narrow down which aspect of UVS education he/she wants; again engineering, operations, or maintenance. After these decisions have been made, there are several universities that will provide an excellent education in the selected field."

(Above statement quoted with full permission of Mr. Beneigh.)

Looking for sUAS instructors and operators

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Friday, February 15, 2013

UNmanpower Interviewing Proposal Managers and Writers

Are you a highly experienced proposal manager and/or writer?  Do you love to create, work to, and manage a compliance matrix to ensure your proposal has full compliance with the solicitation?  Do you have a knack for creating compelling proposal prose?  Do you have an understanding of the aviation industry, including unmanned?

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

UNmanpower on the Road...Would Love to Meet You

I'd love to meet you in person next week!  I'll be in attendance at the AUVSI Program Review in Tyson's Corner, Washington, DC, on February 12-14.  I'd love to meet you if you are going to be there.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Educating the Unmanned

Just Don't Call It A Drone. I love the title of this New York Times article which highlights existing and growing options for students interested in an unmanned aerial career.

Three major universities currently offer majors in unmanned aerial systems, and many others offer courses. Although today, the biggest use of UAS is by the military and Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration predicts that 10,000 remotely piloted aircraft will be operating in American airspace within five years. Moreover, experts predict that unmanned vehicles will offer better job prospects than the airlines. New FAA regulations allowing operations of UAS in national airspace will open up currently untapped career opportunities.

To learn more about opportunities in unmanned education, click here to read the article referenced above.