Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Does Your Resume Do It's Job?

Why do you have a resume?  What was your objective in writing it?  What is the goal of sharing it?  The answer, generally, is simple.  The objective of your resume is to get you an interview.  

Review your resume objectively.  Is it attractive, well laid out, and easy to read?  At first glance, do you see the skills that your potential employer wants?  Do you see proof that you are as good as you say you are?  Do you want to interview yourself?  In other words, does your resume do its job?

If not, then put your resume to work with the following five tips:
- Condense.  You don't want to read more than one or two pages about yourself, and neither does your new manager.
- Start strong.  Lead with a summary or executive profile that  highlights your big-picture accomplishments and clearly defines the value you provide to the employer.
- Be selective.  Consider whether the information included will persuade an employer to interview you.
- Proofread.  Proofread.  Proofread.  And then ask someone else to proofread.  
- Quantify.  Numbers, percentages, and dollars prove your assertions.

UK Civil Aviation Authority Publishes List of 160 Approved UAS Users

Defence firms, police forces and fire services are among more than 130 organisations that have permission to fly small UAS in UK airspace, according to the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

UAS Job Salary Information

UAS specialties are some of the most in-demand in the aerospace industry.  Salaries are high!

How does your salary compare?  Would you like to explore new opportunities and challenges to better position yourself in this growing industry sector?  Are you ready to unlimit your potential?

If so, contact Unmanpower LLC and let us know what is on your mind.

UAS Job Salary Information
Annual Salary Range
UAS Pilot
$85,000 - $115,000
Systems Engineer
$72,350 - $127,000
Instructor/Training Specialist
$74,500 - $93,000
Intel/Imagery Analyst
$57,350 - $84,600
Maintenance Specialist
$59,500 - $67,500
Sensor/Payload Operator
$69,300 - $89,450
$45,700 - $67,890
$70,500 - $145,000

Source:  Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, 2010

Please keep in mind that salaries can vary widely based on a number of factors including the job candidate's level of experience, size of company, scope of responsibilities, geographical location of the position, and market served.

This information is presented as a guide only.